Build a Safe Habitat for Butterflies

Butterflies need a safe, protected environment where food, water, cover, and sunshine are available. Some butterflies, like the monarch, require certain plants for nourishment and as host plants for laying their eggs.

Butterfly gardens can help protect our butterfly population by providing not only the nectar plants on which butterflies feed, but also shelter, and leaves for caterpillars to chew. Butterflies can sit and sun on flowers, leaves, and flower heads, and also drink water which leaves may collect.

Our Butterfly Habitat Seed Packet contains individual packets of seeds such as the milkweeds, so important to the survival of monarch butterflies; dill, which, when in flower, provides a nice landing site for butterflies to rest and feed; and nectar-rich flowers such as zinnia, cosmos, and liatris. We have also ensured that the seed assortment includes flowers that will bloom throughout the gardening season, so that food is always available. 12 seed varieties/$15.00.

Butterfly Habitat Mix