Shop for Heirloom Flower Seeds

Important as our prairie wildflowers are to us, the heirloom flowers of our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Bright, colorful, unusual, profuse with blooms, these non-native flowers have been our companions since our ancestors brought them over to the New World. They bring back memories of spring days making garlands, summer evenings watering the plants with grandma, and golden weeks in fall snapping off dried seedheads into carefully-saved envelopes.

Heirloom plants are those that are open-pollinated, meaning they come true from seed by natural pollination. We source our heirloom plant seeds carefully, choosing the most local sources for seed germination success and source knowledge.  

Shop for Heirloom Herbs and Vegetables

Everyone knows that heirloom herbs and vegetables have superior flavor, as they have not been bred to be generic, acceptable to the mainstream consumer. Browse our selection of Non-GMO herbs and vegetables for culinary and medicinal use.