Illinois Tick Trefoil, Desmodium illinoense


This delicate pale purple flower, native to the Midwest, grows in a tall attractive habit with shiny green foliage. The bright purple flowers ripen into sticky seed pods that feed game birds such as grouse, turkeys and bob-white quail. It is also host plant to several species of butterflies and moths including the eastern-tailed blue, silver-spotted skipper, Northern and Southern Cloudywing, Gray Hairstreak, and Cheshire Cat Moth. It is also attractive to long-tongued bees. Illinois Tick Trefoil can reach 3-6 feet and thrives in prime conditions of full sun and dry to moderate soil. Drought tolerant,  it is typically found in dry black soil prairies, sand prairies, and oak savannas. Due to its attractive habit, Illinois Tick Trefoil is often used in Prairie plantings. Care should be taken, as the sticky seed pods can attach themselves to pets and clothing. 50 seeds/pkt/3.00; 1/4 oz./8.00; 1/2 oz./10.00; 1 oz/20.00.