Keep 'Em Buzzin' Pollinator Pack


Our Keep ‘Em Buzzin’ Pollinator Pack contains the seeds of perennial and annual plants attractive and vital to many species of bees, including our precious honeybees. We’ve taken pains to include a blooming plant for every month that bees are active in the Midwest: March through November. Plant this mix of balsam, borage, calendula, chives, obedient plant, wild bergamot, organic oregano, prairie blazingstar, anise hyssop, milkweed, white cosmos, purple coneflower, purple prairie clover, asters, goldenrod, snapdragon, and zinnia to create a pollen and nectar heaven for our busy guests throughout the year. New in 2018! We have added sunflower "Lemon Queen" to our mix! Lemon Queen is highly attractive to honeybees, as well as providing food for birds in the fall. 18 seed varieties/26.00.