Self-heal, Prunella vulgaris spp. lanceolata


Also known as "Heal-all," from its lore as a healing herb, this small native forb from the mint family enjoys shady, wet areas, prairies, woods, thickets, riverbanks, pond and lake edges, and lawns. There is much debate over whether this species, Prunella vulgaris spp. lanceolata, is native to the 48 states. Many experts believe that common self-heal is an introduced species, and the common variety is considered invasive. Spp. lanceolata does not seem to spread aggressively by seeds but it does spread by rhizomes. Leaves are serrated and stand more erect than in the common species. The flower head is made up of numerous purple florets whorled around the spike. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. They will bloom in a lawn and are therefore of interest in a growing trend to sow mowable "bee lawns." Self-heal blooms June through October. 50 seeds/3.50, 1/4 oz./15.00, 1/2 oz./28.00, 1 oz./44.00, 4 oz./150.00.